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First Canadians – 3,000 or more members of the Shuswap tribe of the Interior Salish Nation.


Three fur traders came to Thompson’s River eager to trade plentiful beaver pelts.

1821 The North West Company amalgamated with the Hudson’s Bay Company with trade active at Thompson’s river Post.

Discovery of gold in areas such as Tranquille Creek, North Thompson and Shuswap districts.

First farms were established in response to the demand for beef, pork, vegetables and grain. This was the beginning of ranching, still vital to our economy.

1865 The first lumber was cut to build the first of many paddlewheel steamers. Soon lumber mills were built at Tranquille and what is now Riverside Park. In later years, the lumber industry became of prime importance for the area.
1871 British Columbia became part of Canada.
1883 Construction of a trans continental railroad reached the Kamloops area and a small village grew on the south shore of the Thompson.
1886 C.P.R. was completed and the community mushroomed, with hotels, stores, churches, schools and a hospital.
1887 The first bridge across the South Thompson River was built.
1893 The population of about 500 decided to incorporate as a City, complete with fire department, telephone, water works and electrical light systems.
1901 The first bridge to North Kamloops was built.
1915 The Canadian Northern Railway was completed.
1962 The modern Trans Canada Highway was opened.
1964 Kamloops Pulp and Paper Mill, Weyerhaeuser Canada and now Domtar was established.
1967 North Kamloops was amalgamated with the older south shore Kamloops.
1970 The Yellowhead Highway was opened. Kamloops at the junction of four transportation systems, has been referred to as the “Hub City”.
1973 The municipalities of Valleyview, Brocklehurst, Rayleigh, Barnharvale and Dufferin were added to the City of Kamloops.

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