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Okanagan Falls

Okanagan Falls

10000-9000 BC First people arrive in the area.
1400’s European settlement of North America begins.
1700’s Horse comes to Okanagan and Similkameen.
1813 Alexander Ross, earliest known European explored the Similkameen for the Northwest Fur Co.
1846 Agreement of the 49th parallel as the western between Canada and U.S.A.
1883 Small-pox epidemic kills one out of every three Aboriginal people.
1886 Indian Reserves were formed.
1894 Flood and the last potlatch in the area.
1898 Hedley Gold mine opened.
1899 Typhoid epidemic.
1901 St. Anns Church, Chuchwayha.
1902 Mr. Welby started stage line from Penticton to Hedley.
1906 First train (Great Northern) arrived in Keremeos.
1909 Great Northern Railway arrives in Hedley.
1910 Hedley Hospital opens.
1914-18 WWI
1915 Hydro power dam completed on the Similkameen River at Hedley.
1930 Hedley Hospital closes.
1937 Nickel Plate Road completed.
1939-45 WWII

Hedley rockslide.

Hedley School (Grades 1-12) moved to present site from Red Zone.


BC Aboriginal people receive the right to vote in Provincial election.

Big flood.

Hope-Princeton Highway completed.

1950 Hedley High School became Hedley Elementary School.
1956 Hedley Mine closes (big closure).
1957 Colonial Inn started operation.
1960 Aboriginal people given the right to vote in Federal Elections.
1972 Small flood.
1976 First kindergarten at Hedley Elementary.
1983 Hedley Elementary becomes K – 3 school.
1998 Town celebrates 100-year-old birthday.
2000 Hedley Elementary becomes a K – 4 school.

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