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Simpcw people had first contact with Europeans when the fur traders from the Pacific Fur Company arrived.

1843 Little Fort, fur trading post established and fur trade in decline by 1860.
1860 Little Fort established as a Hudson Bay post, some gold was found in creeks and rivers.

The Overlanders arrived in the vicinity of Chu Chua, near starvation and fed by the Indians of the area.

Small pox decimated the North Thompson people.

1877 Louise Creek was marked as the name of the creek on Government maps.
1878 Chu Chua Indian Reserve was surveyed.
1886 Louise Creek had a post office and store on the north side of the creek.
1891 The road was finished from Kamloops to Louis Creek.
1907 Little Fort post office was opened and named Mt. Olie.
1908 Little Fort a school was built.
1909 McLure was named after John McLure, an early rancher in the area.

Telephone services in Barriere at the Genier store and hotel (their home also).

Telephone reached the area of Little Fort.

1913 Telephone services in Chu Chua at the Fennell store.

Barriere Valley School opened at the Forks.

Power plant on the Barriere River which supplied Kamloops with economical electricity, closed in 1950, operated only in the warmest months because the water in the flume and pipes froze (did not supply power to the Barriere District).

McLure post office was established.

Lumber Company.

Forest Fires.

TV comes to Barriere.

Curling Rink.

Fall Fair.

4 H.

New Fire Hall.


Railway began operation in the North Thompson, crews arrived in 1912 to begin building the railway.

Barriere Powerhouse School, later renamed Floral Creek School in the 1920’s.

1919 McLure ferry was the glue that held the community together, ice bridges were made at the ferry landing when the weather allowed, often a basket on the cable was used if the ice was too soft.

Little Fort’s name was officially changed from Mount Oile.

1939 Little Fort Community Hall was constructed by volunteer labour.

Dr. Office.

Hotel (Burned or dismantled).

Flu epidemics.


Grocery store.

1947 Louise Creek, BC Electric agreed to supply power.
1948 Barriere, BC Hydro power hook-up.
1955 Little Fort, hydro was extended in December.

Chu Chua and McLure, power distributed to these two areas.

The highway was changed and paved from Heffley Creek to McLure.

1964 Squam Bay and Brennan Creek gets power.
1971 Upper Fadear Creek gets power.
1972 East Barriere gets power.

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