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Resources & Extension Activities


NOTE: The following activities were designed for the Vemon/Lumby regions - they could be adapted in other regions to fit available services

1. Bus Tour: Visual tour with guide: to view sawmill - raw and finished products, view nursery, etc. (To make arrangements, contact your local Forest Educator.
Note: most mills have an age limit for mill tours. )

2. Classroom Presenter: To book a classroom presenter to deliver information on local tree
identification, uses of wood, forest management, tree health, careers, or a variety of topics, contact your local Forest Educator.

3. Nursery Tour: Tolko, Armstrong - the story of reforestation

4. Visit local museum or invite a classroom visitor to the school

5. Visit Kalamalka Research Station in Vernon: research and reforestation

6. Walkabout Activity can be found at www.learnforestry.com under revised Grade 3 kit


LITERATURE BASED: also visit Resources

1. OxCart Man, Donald Hall (The Viking Press- ISBN -0-670-53328-9) Also in the Impression Series Over the Mountain -Grade 3- pg. 82 (refer to teacher's guide). This story compliments discussion about the use of wood in early times -the story could be read to determine the many uses of tree products -students could make up a list, a mural, a diagram, etc. of all the tree products found in the story

2. A Pioneer Story: The Daily Life of a Canadian Family in 1840, Barbara Greenwood (Kids Can Press Ltd. ISBN: .1-55074-128-4) -this book is full of ideas that connect to the early use of wood/trees

3. Since 1920, Alexandra Wallner (Doubleday ISBN -0-385-41216-9) -a wonderful story that involves the development of communities -now out of print

4. Historic Communities -The Kitchen and Visiting a Village, Bobbie Kalrnan (Crabtree Publishing -ISBN 0-86505-504-1; 0-86505-507-6) -two excellent books that address early times and illustrate a variety of wood uses

5. The Doorbell Rang -Pat Hutchins -Mulberry Books -ISBN 0-688-09234-9 A great story to introduce multiplication -using tree cookies!

6. A Special Gift -story and integrated unit on trees -focuses on the Douglas Fir - includes activities on poetry, seeds, story telling, art, science, literature: map a story, story grammar, chart stories (contact your local Ministry of Forests)

7. A Dog Came, Too -Ainslie Manson, Douglas & McIntyre -ISBN 0-88899-140-1 -a great story to accompany this unit about a dog that accompanied Alexander Mackenzie on his long journey to the Pacific Ocean


1. “Lenny the Lumberjack” – Cost: $15 Canadian.
To order call: 1-800-200-1113 or Email:

2. “Log Driver’s Waltz” – contact the National Film Board of Canada.
(This would make a great addition to this unit.)

3. Recommended videos, web links and books.

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