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Lesson #2


Materials Needed


  • Brainstorm the different types of jobs in the forest industry. Classify them into 2 categories: Early Day and Modern Day. (record on board)
  • Students record information from the board onto Worksheet “2a”
  • Explain that they will be adding to this sheet throughout the next few periods.


Materials Needed

Part1: Picture Analysis – “Eary Loggers” picture & “Early Settlers and the Forest”
Use the picture analysis as an introduction to the storybook.

Early Loggers:

  • When do you think the picture was taken? (at least 100 years ago)
  • What are these men doing?
  • What do you notice about this picture? (Lead students to a discussion on tools, clothing, safety, etc.)

“Early Settlers and the Forest” – front cover:

  • Looking at the front cover, how do you know that settlers have been here a while? (There is a town, dock, railway ties…)

Part 2: Storybook – “Early Settlers and the Forest”
Read the book out loud and discuss:

  1. Settlers & Clearing the Land
  2. Housing – log cabin, furniture, utensils, appliances
  3. Early loggers and transporting the logs
  4. Early sawmills

Student Activities

  • Add jobs to Worksheet “2a”
  • Worksheet “2b” – individual or class activity. List early uses of lumber mentioned in the story.
  • Worksheet “2c”

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