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Learn Forestry Brochure 2003
(being updated Fall 2005)
Teaching Kits
National Forest Week
ProD Days
Special Events
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Serving the Central Southern
Interior & Williams Lake
Debbie Sluggett
Educational Liaison
Bell Pole, Downie, LP, RCFC, Tolko
Jeannie Steele
Educational Liaison
Riverside Forest Products




Teaching kits designed to compliment the BC education curriculum have been developed for grades 3, 5, and 8. Over 425 teachers in 11 school districts have attended workshops. Kits have been distributed to schools and to resource centers in these districts.

Grade 3:

  • Integrated unit – covers many subjects areas
  • Lesson plans, activity sheets, unit extensions
  • 25 history slides with dialogue and storybook
  • Video, photos, tree cookies and more!

    Grade 5:

  • Curricular links to SS, Sc., CAPP and other subject areas
  • Lesson plans, activity sheets, quizzes and answer keys
  • 4 videos and posters
  • Tree ID books, support materials, unit extensions and more!

    Grade 8:

  • Curricular links to Science 8
  • Lesson plans, teacher demos, wood samples for testing
  • Testing hypotheses and predictions, graphing and analyzing data for wood strength, density, swelling/shrinkage and engineered wood

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    Each year, staff from the forest industry, Ministry of Forests, private consultants and volunteers participate in a multi school district blitz. Deb and Jeannie create 12 lesson plan packages which they workshop with the volunteers. School schedules are organized and the packages are passed from one district of presenters to the next over a 4-6 week period of time.

    In 2002, 100 presenters visited schools from Penticton to Golden and in Williams Lake. In 2003 , the blitz was given a reprieve (for one year only!) and instead, special events were held in Barriere, Golden, Revelstoke, Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon and Lillooet.

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  • October in Kelowna: The theme for this event was Bugs, Watersheds, Logging and the Lichen. Teachers from the Southern Interior attended the workshop in the woods and enjoyed presentations given by an entomologist, an hydrologist, foresters, technicians and a forest pathologist.

  • February in Salmon Arm – Workshop in the Woods was an interactive ProD experience for teachers. It included forest health issues and links to math based on tree measurement, compass skills and using GPS systems.

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    Tours (Organized by Deb & Jeannie)
  • UBC Forest Faculty Recruitment Officer, Stephen Baumber visited 10 high schools from Kelowna to Salmon Arm informing students about UBC’s 5 forest related courses
  • Forintek’s Les Jozsa, a wood specialist, delighted students from Kelowna to Revelstoke as well as industry personnel on the many attributes of wood
  • An interactive spousal program was coordinated for over 50 ladies attending the Interior Logging Association’s annual convention in Vernon

  • Celebrating Forestry 2003 – In May, five high schools participated in a focus day (see their site), each one exhibiting skills derived from their forest based classes. Students managed stations that covered tree measurement and inventory, silviculture and the nursery process. Other students demonstrated tree planting, harvesting and sawmilling.

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    Students participate in a variety of partnership activities and projects. These experiences give students opportunities to interact with forestry personnel, to see a wide range of careers in the field and to be creative.

  • Brochures, business cards and videos on manufacturing processes
  • Brushing, weeding and tree planting
  • Construction of crates, puzzles and greenhouses
  • Cutting of wooden sticks for grade 8 kit
  • Filming of special guests and of workshops
  • Teaching of compass skills and student leaders for tours of demo forest
  • Managing and maintaining poplar plantation
  • Website creation, new data input and maintenance
  • Interior Logging Association Forest Education Van presentations

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    Enhancing the delivery of forest education is all about cooperative team building

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